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18th September 2020

How to transfer a property in Dubai fully online with a registration trustee.

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Did you know you can transfer properties online without visiting a registration trustee office? During these trying times, many processes are going digital and so has the property transfer process in Dubai.

Sales Transaction

The DLD systems are only online from 8 am till 2 pm every day.
The Agent is required to send the documents to the given email address of the registration trustee which includes:

  • Copy of the title deed
  • NOC from developer
  • Passport and Emirates ID of both the buyer and seller
  • IBAN number for the Seller

Once this email is sent the trustee will do the registration, which means they will upload it on the Land Department website.
After this, the Land Department will conduct a video call between the buyer and seller to make sure of the identities of the buyer and seller and to accredit their signatures to the contract.
Once the DLD verifies this, a payment link will be sent for the payment to be made to the IBAN account of the DLD.
The DLD will ask for the seller’s payment to be made to the DLD account along with the government fees, payment for the trustee’s office, and the agent fees.

Once the DLD receives all the payments they will go ahead with the approval and issue the new title deed and then transfer all the payments to the respective parties (seller, trustee, and agent)
As long as Form F is signed by the seller, the property will not be transferred until the land department receives the commission along with the rest of the payments into their account.
However, if there is no Form F, the commission will have to be settled between the agent and his client.

Mortgage discharge

The following documents need to be sent to the trustee’s office:

  • Clearance letter from the bank
  • passport and Emirates ID for the owner

Upon receiving this information, the trustee office will register it for the property owner on the DLD website. They will also send the IBAN number for the DLD along with instructions on the fees that need to be settled.
Once the fees arrive in the DLD account the mortgage discharge will be processed and the relevant documentation will be provided to the title deed holder.

Source: PropertyFinder




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