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17th October 2021

How To Spot the Best Real Estate Agents in Dubai?

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The real estate sector in Dubai is growing, and it’s grabbing the attention of people from all around the world. So, if you are planning to move to this magnificent city you should do it because it’s the best time to buy property in Dubai

But how will you do it? Can you invest in real estate property without any help? Certainly not! That’s why you must find the best real estate agents in Dubai. Real estate agents can help you find attractive property deals in your budget.  

But there’s a thing. Since Dubai’s real estate sector is booming, agencies are emerging at an increased rate. That means finding the best real estate agents in Dubai, UAE, can be overwhelming. However, we have got your back. 

To save you from unworthy real estate agents, we have shared some tips. These tips will take the load off your shoulder by helping you find trusted agents. 


Tips for Choosing the Best Real Estate Agent 

Many people think that they cannot fall into the trap of scammers, but that’s not true. Also, some real estate agencies don’t offer what they promise. So, have a look at the tips and save yourself from all the future troubles. 


Ask Questions 

When you are meeting any real estate agent, ask questions. Don’t hesitate. Ask everything you want to know to be assured that you are working with the top real estate agents in Dubai

Instead of having a casual conversation, treat it like an interview where you should try to get maximum details out of them. To better understand their work, you can prepare a list of questions related to their previous property for sale in Dubai, number of clients, work procedure, and experience. 


Check Their Online Presence 

In this digital age, having an online presence is important. If the real estate agent you want to work with does not have a digital presence, that shows the agency is either new to the business or is not confident about its work. 

If the business has an online existence, you can check its clients, services offered, and other important information. Also, you can check the gallery to get an idea about the kind of property they sell. 

Websites have reviews and testimonials from clients that the agency has worked with. Read them. Another benefit of checking the online presence is that you get to verify the details. For example, check whether the agency has a broker ID or not.


Reach Out to Past Clients 

If you can, you should reach out to the former clients to know about their experience. First, ask the agency about clients and their contact details. Then contact the clients to ask them questions. 


Look For Area Expert

If you have a specific area in your mind, look for an area expert. That’s because area experts know minute detail about a locality. This information can help you make an informed decision. 

Also, area experts have connections with registered real estate agents in Dubai


Red Flags to Spot Property Scam


Trusted real estate companies can make the property finding and selling process easy for you, but there are certain red flags you need to know about. Spotting these flags can save you from a lot of trouble. 


Price Is Too Good to Be True 

If the price of a property is too good to be true, do not rush. Instead, wait for some time, talk with your family members, and verify all the details before deciding. 

That’s because these kinds of property deals can disappoint you easily. For a lower price, either you would have to compromise on the locality or the construction. 


Ejari Mandatory

There is a thing about buying property in Dubai. After signing the lease, it gets registered with Dubai Land Department. The registration takes place via Ejari’s website. 

So, if the real estate agency discourages you from doing this in any way, do not work with that agency. It’s a major red flag! 


View Property Before Paying

Certain real estate agencies pressurize people to pay before they view the property. If your agent is also creating any pressure, you should check the property first. This way, no one can mislead you. 


Why Invest in Dubai?

Dubai is a beautiful place, but there is more to this place than its beauty. This magnificent city offers higher rental yields. Also, the property price per square foot is lower here. 

Dubai also offers relaxation on tax as it has highly favorable tax conditions. Lastly, new laws have made it easy for property investors to gain residence visas. 

While investing in a property in Dubai, you cannot compromise on the location. So, give some time to know about the best places to buy property in Dubai. Besides this, you need to organize your finances so that buying a property does not strain your financial independence. 



With so many options for real estate companies in Dubai, finding the best one can become difficult. But then you can always turn to Allegiance Real Estate. We’re a remarkable real estate firm offering the best property deals in Dubai for a long time. 

Allegiance Real Estate is on a mission to make every client’s dream a reality. We focus on helping clients to get the best in each deal. Our firm stands for commitment and loyalty. 

So, whether you want to sell a property, buy a property, rent a property, finance a property, or want property management service, you can trust Allegiance Real Estate.




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